Our Beauty Treatments



A beautiful and natural looking choice. Applied on a 1:1 ratio means we will apply one extension to one natural lash. The result, soft and natural looking lashes.

A classic package will take between 1 and 1.5 for the beauty technician to apply.



The best high end lash extension package we offer. Ultra fine lashes that look fuller with more volume. Because the lashes are thinner, the Beauty Technician can apply more lashes †o each natural lash.

Russian Lashes will take around 2 hours for the Beauty Technician to apply



A good step up from our classic lashes is our hybrid lashes. With a 70-30 mixture of both classic lashes and volume lashes gives you the best of both worlds.

Hybrid Lashes will take between 1.5 hours and 2 hours for the Beauty Technician to apply.


Acrylic Nails


Our Acrylic nails with a gel colour finish are our entry level nail treatment. A stylish, sleek and glamorous choice to make you feel confident about your hands whatever the occasion may be.

A chose of colours are available and your Beauty Technician will be bake to talk you through your choices.



Encapsulated Acrylic nails are arguably the most glamorous you can get. Design choices are endless and we truly believe that this is the must have look for anyone to add glamour, style and fun to your finished look.

If you have a design in mind then please contact us in advance to discuss your ideas.



Advanced colour Powder is an all season style which leaves a beautiful finish to your acrylics. With a huge choice of colours available this mid entry level treatment is defiantly a great look all year round.

A chose of colours are available and your Beauty Technician will be bake to talk you through your choices.


Add Some Sparkle!

Add some sparkle and glitz to your nails with our acrylic gems. We have a range of colours and designs and your Beauty Technician will be happy to go through all your choices with you.




Eyebrow Tinting

Define your brows with our tinting treatment. We will apply a semi-permanent dye to enhance , shape and define your brows. This will give the appearance of a thicker more youthful brow whilst matching your original colour.

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